Steven’s Manufacturing Jewelers has continued the original ‘Cash for Gold’ concept by buying gold and silver. When gold buying, we weigh and test all of your gold right in front of you so you can see the results. We make you an offer and you accept or decline as you deem appropriate. The same open practice is applied to silver buying and diamond buying.

We run an honest, high-paying and qualified business that offers FREE Financial Consulting to any interested clients, regarding their gold portfolio. We are also experienced San Fransico coin buyers.

What we buy:

  • Scrap Gold & Silver:
    • rings, chains, necklaces, old mountings, broken and damaged jewelry of all kinds, dental gold, class rings
  • Diamonds:
    • diamonds of all sizes and types
  • Fine & Antique Jewelry:
    • cameos, diamond bracelets, diamond rings, stick pins, gold cigarate cases, Tiffany, Cartier
  • Watches:
    • Rolex, old pocket watches, old wrist watches, any gold watch, Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe
  • Gold Coins:
    • USA Coins
  • Silver Coins:
    • US Coinage
  • Rare Coins:
    • Indian cents, buffalo nickels, proof sets, silver dollars, commerative halves, full sets
  • Sterling Silver:
    • tableware, flatware, medallions, serving pieces, collectables
  • Bullion:
    • ingots, coins, granular, Placer gold

We also custom design and fabricate jewelry.