For 40 years, San Francisco’s gold dealer, metallurgist and jewelry manufacturer, Steven Tsakoyias, has been buying and fabricating gold jewelry for many generations of customers. Steven is the only gold buyer in the San Francisco Bay Area that is a goldsmith and jewelry designer.

Steven Tsakoyias learned his craft from Europe at a young age, then moved with his family to enjoy the beauty of the bay area where he opened his shop in 1970, in the heart of San Francisco. He also worked for many respectable jewelry companies to perfect his craft such as Shreve & Co. and Granat Bros, to mention a few. While Steven enjoys designing jewelry, he has been focusing more on buying gold and precious stones.

On October 7, 2009, San Francisco’s local channel 2 news reached out for Steven’s expertise in gold buying and manufacturing during the recession. In the segment, Steven educates buyers and sellers about the latest gold buying and selling tendencies.

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